On Saturday, July 2nd, 2022 , from 4:00 p.m. on the meadow between bc and BD – in bad weather in the bc-club

Admission is free.

In cooperation with the ILSC eV and the TheaterLeiterTheater, we welcome you to the first Ilmenau Summer Theater.


from 4 p.m
presented by TheaterLeiterTheater

from 18:00
presented by the Ilmprokombinat


Yes, but how is that? How have you seen it before? As the author intended? As Aristotle, George II, Brecht, Stanislavskij or Strasberg taught it? Or gender fluid, politically correct, multimedia, experimental?

Let’s take a look behind the scenes, at the conditions under which theater was created today! Or rather several looks at once. Because the kinds of characters that can collide and the different results that can be produced from the same text basis have been captured by Lutz Hübner in a roaringly funny way in an entertaining sequence of scenes that seems exaggerated in cabaret style, but probably not that far removed from the reality of professional theater here and there is.

There is the pain threshold director, the diva, the theater veteran, the cut fanatic, the beginner, the trainee and many other prototypical figures.

A feast for the laughing muscles and at the same time a psychogram of an art brought from antiquity, which can still surprise again and again.

TheaterLeiterTheater - Photo by Robert Wiedemann

The improvisational theater IlmproKombinat presents today in cooperation with our improvisational theater guests from all over Thuringia the show of high arts, where improvisation encounters dance and song. Fabian Geier from the Ensemble Stell-dich-ein from Weimar will improvise live on the piano. Look forward to a festival of art forms which will develop from your specifications.