What does KuKo actually mean?

Kulturelle Coordination eV, or KuKo for short, was founded in 1991 as a cultural organization of the Ilmenau University of Applied Sciences. Since then, the non-profit association has been the umbrella organization of numerous working groups and associations with a three-digit number of members.

We are the point of contact for those interested in culture at the Technical University and in the Ilmenau region. We organize and support events at the TU, but also events such as concerts, children’s parties and theater trips as well as cultural internships and workshops.

What options does the KuKo offer me?

The KuKo offers you the opportunity to live out your creative ideas. Be it as a member of an existing AG, as the founder of a new AG with like-minded people or as someone who just wants to organize a cultural project.

Specifically, we offer you advice on planning and implementation, are happy to arrange contacts with sponsors, helpers and supporters as well as financial and legal protection of your work.