Tina Wittrich (Chairman KuKo eV) & Katarina Perlak (Marketing City of Ilmenau)
Image: © Danny Scheler-Stöhr

Since 2015, the FilmLebenFestival as a short film festival has been a fixture in the Ilmenau calendar of events. Due to Corona, we were only able to enjoy a one-day event with you last year, the “Best Of Film Life Festival” on the market square.

Since the city of Ilmenau has been actively supporting us in the implementation of the event for years, we decided this year to enter into an official cooperation partnership.

With that, we can finally announce the sharp start for this year’s organization:
Gemeinsam mit der Stadt Ilmenau werden wir, der Verein Kulturelle Koordinierung e.V., das diesjährige Film Leben Festival vom 07.-10. Juli 2022 ausrichten.

We look forward to the strong cooperation partner and to the good cooperation!