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The NURIA project, which was restarted in 2020, organizes an art exhibition for hobby and professional artists from Ilmenau and the surrounding area.

This way, talents and artists should have the chance to present their works to the public and to enter into a dialogue together in a relaxed atmosphere.

Why is?

The aim of NURIA is to make art accessible to everyone. Whether a hobby artist: in or professionally – everyone should get the chance to present their works. The exhibition, which has the motto “Works of your Life”, will open on Friday evening with a vernissage and can be visited regularly on Saturday and Sunday. In addition, those interested in art will have the opportunity to become artistically active themselves. Workshops are to be offered on two of the three days in which the participants can try out their artistic skills. The aim of both the vernissage and the exhibition and the workshops is to enable a dialogue between artists and those interested in art.


The exhibition includes all visual arts. Whether photography, painted picture or sculpture, for the artist: there are no limits.
The works of the artists: inside reflect formative moments from their lives, were created in a special phase of life or have an important, personal meaning for them. You will find the motto “ Works of your life ” again.

The exhibition is also intended to promote local artists, which is why our artists are from Thuringia or currently live there.