A special honor was given to our chairwoman Tina Wittrich at the end of 2020 – she received the letter of honor from the Free State of Thuringia for her commitment in the cultural sector of the city of Ilmenau.

Tina was thus awarded one of the highest honors in the Free State of Thuringia for her work as a board member of the Cultural Coordination eV, in which she has been active since 2015. In addition, Tina was honored for her achievements in the working group “Living Room Culture”.

We are of course very proud of Tina – and hope that Tina will continue to contribute her work and commitment to the club for a very long time :-)!

The letter was given to her by the mayor of the city of Ilmenau, Daniel Schultheiß, and the district administrator, Petra Enders.

Congratulations again, dear Tina!

Photo: Doreen Huth / LRA Ilm-Kreis