We – these are theater enthusiasts in Ilmenau, the majority (but not only) students and employees of the TU Ilmenau, who together with some wooden ladders, with black humor and a slight tendency towards the absurd to allude against the adversities of the zeitgeist and life, against the ladder and the wooden. And always looking for new shapes. And experience that intensive work significantly increases the fun for everyone – actors and viewers alike.

IlmproKombinat the improvisational theater of the TheaterLeiterTheater

A moment ago still traveling in the eternal ice of the South Pole, immediately afterwards a scuffle on the platform, in the next moment under the knife of a criminal organ robber. Or between crazy guys in a pet store. Just for example. Scenes, times and characters change abruptly, everyday onesilmprokombinat Situations slowly turn into the absurd or turn into nightmares; Nevertheless, one thing always remains the same: none of the participants knows what to expect in the next moment – neither the actors nor the audience. Because the action arises spontaneously from the players’ imagination, according to the specifications of the audience. Sometimes the audience already knows more than one of the actors who, for example, is forced to answer questions about his latest invention – without knowing it in the least – to the audience’s delight.