The concert will take place on Thursday, 04.07.2024 in the
Kreuzkirche Ilmenau
will take place.

Admission is 19:30.

Tickets at 12/8 euros are only available at the box office.
Arriving on time secures good seats.

Supported by the city of Ilmenau

SUMMER CONCERTS 2024 IN THE CROSS CHURCH at the Ilmenau cemetery

THURSDAY, 04.07.2024, 7:30 PM


Music and poetry from South America


Aline Novaro (Argentina) – vocals, percussion, div. Stringed instruments
Josué Avalos (Mexico) – vocals, div. Stringed instruments

Riosenti is a nomadic music project with Latin American roots that lovingly transcends geographical and cultural borders with music from the south of America to the northern deserts of Mexico.
Aline Novaro and Josué Avalos tell their stories in enchanting lyrics and melodies, while also unerringly integrating traditional rhythms into their songs. They always manage to surprise their audience with inspiring acoustic brushstrokes that tell of their travels and homes around the world.
In addition to the classical guitar, her soulful singing is accompanied by a variety of traditional instruments such as the Mexican requinot jarocho and jarana, the Venezuelan cuatro and the South American ronroco. This gives the syncretic sound of their music and artistic expression a very special accent.
Her organic style and authentic stage presence have already brought Riosenti concerts in cultural centers and at festivals in more than ten countries in a short time.

Tickets at 12/ 8 Euro are available at the box office