The reading is on Friday, 24.05.2024 in the
Cafe Böcklein Ilmenau
admission 19:30, start 20:00.

Tickets, in advance for 5 EUR (students) and 8 EUR (earners) , are available in the Ilmenau city information and the Ilmenau book shop , at the box office one euro more.

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Mary wanted to make a living from writing even as a child and consequently ended up working in an advertising agency. Since becoming a freelance strategist and copywriter, she is finally living out her passion for writing fantastic stories. She uses mythological backgrounds and experiments with gender-sensitive language and a colorful mix of characters.

In 2022, she published her debut “Titania’s Daughters”, which combines casual contemporary fantasy with the mythology of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.

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Life can rarely be planned. So instead of finalizing my space opera, I dedicated myself to a solartpunk project that will be published on 27.04. is published while I am at the Leipzig Book Fair. The idea and outline came about ten years ago, when the word solarpunk didn’t really exist and the story was somewhere between utopia and dystopia. There aren’t very many solar punk novels in Germany yet, but it’s a subgenre of science fiction that’s very close to my heart because it’s generally utopian in its thinking. There is also a solar punk movement that goes beyond the genre and artistic creation: How can we create a future worth living with the challenges of the present?

It was important to me that it was a narrative, the classic scifi 200-pager, which is becoming increasingly rare these days. Yet we all have so little time. By the way, the cover was designed by Juliet May, who is simply gorgeous. <3

And that’s the point:

Nalani was happy in the virtual world of complexes until one day Caiden burst into her life. Suddenly she finds herself out there in the world, hunted by robots and far from any events and achievement boards she knows. And she only wants one thing: to go back to her old life.

Together with Caiden, she follows in the footsteps of her ancestors.

And the more Nalani gets to know the world out there, the more a relentless question arises in her mind: Which world will she choose at the end of her journey?

A captivating solar punk novel that questions our decisions as a society and outlines a possible future scenario.