The reading is on Monday, 25.03.2024 in the
Cafe Böcklein Ilmenau
admission 19:30, start 20:00.

Tickets, in advance for 5 EUR (students) and 8 EUR (earners) , are available in the Ilmenau city information and the Ilmenau book shop , at the box office one euro more.

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Reading with Miriam Rademacher

Miriam Rademacher, born in 1973, grew up in a small baroque castle in Emsland and began writing at an early age. Today she lives with her family in Osnabrück, where she works on her books and teaches dance. She likes rain when it smells like fall, it gets dark early and the Printen taste good again when she reads. In recent years, she has published numerous short stories, fantasy novels, crime novels and a children’s picture book.
(from Sternensand Verlag)

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“BANSHEE LIVIE 9 – Lies for laymen

Livie is determined to solve the mystery of her mother’s death. But this proves to be more difficult than expected, because hardly anyone is willing to tell her the truth about what happened ten years ago during a paranormal research experiment. Only when enemies become friends and friends turn out to be enemies does Livie slowly unravel the web of lies …

Miriam Rademacher created the series over five years ago. From then on, it grew to nine volumes. We started with the sequence in 2017.