6.KuKo regulars’ table

Thursday – 28.09.2023 – from 20:00
Aqui Ilmenau

The aim of this series of events is for us to get to know you and you to get to know us, the board, in a relaxed setting. You can discuss ideas for the association, for working groups or projects, or also address problems that are burning on your mind. In addition, there is also the possibility for getting to know each other within the association.

In addition, we would like to talk to you about topics such as membership recruitment, ideas and suggestions for recognition of commitment. How is your working community dealing with these challenges, and what would you like to see? We are also open to talking about possible new projects.

We are also actively seeking new members for our board. If you are interested or just want to know more, this is the best opportunity to learn everything directly…..

Of course you can also just sit together nicely and let the day end. Everything can, nothing must.

Everyone is quite cordially invited!