It’s that time again! The summer concert series of the Jazzclub Ilmenau goes into the 2nd round!

Friday 19.08.2022
Student leisure center (SFZ) Ilmenau

Start 8:00 pm.

Tickets are available here.

Rosie Frater-Taylor

With a clear goal in mind, 22-year-old London-based singer, songwriter and guitarist Rosie Frater-Taylor blurs the lines between jazz, folk, pop and soul.

It’s like Joni Mitchell meeting George Benson or Lewis Taylor teaming up with Emily King. Rosie began playing drums at a young age and soon learned guitar, ukulele and bass as well. She discovered her roots in jazz and world music by attending workshops at Tomorrow’s Warriors, the Royal Academy of Music, and the London Roundhouse.

With a penchant for DIY, Rosie began creating multi-layered guitar-based demos on Cubase at the age of 16. This resulted in her self-produced debut album ‘On My Mind’ (2018), a unique collection of songs, followed by her second album ‘Bloom’ (2021), also highly acclaimed.

Rosie Frater-Taylor – guitar, vocals
Tom Potter – drums
Dave Edwards – bass
Verushka – background vocals
Azzedine Loukil – background vocals

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