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For the 100th On the occasion of Charles Mingus’ birthday, the Ilmenau Jazz Club is presenting a series of events in cooperation with the Thuringia Jazz Mile and the Thuringia State Center for Political Education .

The two-day project is based on a suggestion by Peter Reif-Spirek from the State Center for Political Education in Thuringia and relies on an innovative format that combines cultural and political education with lectures, discussions, performances, films and concerts.

Funded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education

Fri, 05/13/22 at 8:00 p.m

Helmholtz lecture hall TU Ilmenau

cryptography. Notes by an old man who happened to be named Charles Mingus

Once full of energy, restless, unpredictable, irascible and tender all at the same time, he is now condemned to complete immobility. He: a musician named Charles Mingus, suffering from the incurable disease ALS, stranded in Mexico, at the mercy of a dubious healer whose art he alternately trusts unconditionally and doubts.
Between hope and lack of illusion, resisting the inevitably approaching end, then surrendering again: his notes appear so contradictory, fragmentary and erratic; Notes formulated, revised and constantly re-commented in his mind alone. Traces of meaning are lost in a real and imagined past, connecting to the point of being indistinguishable; finally until the dissolution of all coherence. While the “real” character Charles Mingus was still able to write “I am three” in his fictional autobiography, in “Cryptography” this triple entity also disintegrates into numerous small (non-)identities. Which character we are ultimately dealing with: we do not know. But it is precisely in its incomprehensibility that it comes close to us.

Stefan Hunstein – actor
Michael Riessler – b-cl
Johannes Gutfleisch – cello
Lorenzo Riessler – dr

Sat 14.05.22 - from 9 p.m

Helmholtz lecture hall TU Ilmenau

David Murray-Brad Jones-Hamid Drake
Brave New World Trio

A giant of modern jazz. David Murray’s saxophone merges the great things that black music has produced: gospel sounds, free jazz, Afro-Caribbean, blues, soul and the wonderful standards of classical jazz. Murray’s colorful intonation, his unsurpassed intonation, his flair for swing, his melancholy tones as well as his improvisational power and inventiveness make him one of the most important voices in music today. The trio with bassist Brad Jones and drummer Hamid Drake draws from the Afro-American tradition as well as from other cultures. Drake is one of the experts on music outside the western perspective.

David Murray: sax
Brad Jones: b
Hamid Drake: Dr

Sat, 05/14/22
3:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m

Helmholtz lecture hall TU Ilmenau

Lecture, discussions & film

Racism and exclusion in jazz, from the beginnings of the American civil rights movement to »Black Lives Matter«

Lecture and discussion by and with Harald Kisiedu

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Film screening “I am not your Negro” by Raoul Peck

Using a text fragment by author James Baldwin, the Oscar-nominated documentary spans the spectrum from the African-American civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s to the Black Lives Matter movement of the present day.
The Oscar-nominated documentary “I Am Not Your Negro” is more than “just” a look back at the era of the American civil rights movement and, in particular, at the life and work of author James Baldwin, who died in 1987: the longer you watch the brilliant compositions of images and sounds , it becomes all the more clear that Raoul Peck also has the present in mind – the oppression and injustice, racism and class differences, which have changed far too little in the past few decades.