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New website!

The NURIA art exhibition now also has its own website! Available at

Startnext campaign

You can support NURIA from April 27th until May 24th startnext !


Why should someone support this project?

If it is important to you that art is accessible to everyone and that every artist should have at least one chance to exhibit their works in public, you should support this project. Especially in times of Corona, when studios and exhibitions, museums and events are mostly closed, we need a glimmer of hope for the summer. We want to continue to plan boldly, offer the artists and the event visitors a perspective with our project and experience an unforgettable event in June with the greatest possible security. We hope that many more NURIA art exhibitions will give different people a stage for their works in the next few years. What happens with the money if financing was successful?

What happens with the money if financing was successful?

We can hang up all canvases, frames, wood and forex panels and realize video installations. The exhibition walls, which have to be rented, transported and set up separately, can be ordered in the required number and equipped with devices such as hook systems and light panels. We can realize the workshops.