AG Lichtscheu – “Artistry, juggling, object manipulation”
The course “Artistry, juggling, object manipulation” takes place weekly as free training. Free practice means that we meet at a time and everyone can play as they please, learn from others, and learn. At the moment this includes ball / clubs / ring juggling, poi, levi-stick, hula-hoop, buugeng, stick, double stick, devil-stick, diabolo, fans and object manipulation – all in combination with dance, artistry and one or the other acrobatic gimmick. If you already have experience in these areas, want to learn new things and exchange ideas – come by. But even if your contact was so far limited to being a spectator at medieval markets: If you feel like it, come by and we will show you that you can do it too!
If the weather permits, there are additional meetings outside in the summer – there we then rehearse, sometimes specifically for fire art performances, LED or black light shows. We perform indoors and outdoors on various official, student and private events.

Current training time: every Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.
Training location: Budo room of the USZ (University Sports Center), Ilmenau

Trainer: Anja Jahnel (
Co-trainer: Patrick Riedel (