The ceramics group is completely committed to ceramics with all its facets. This working group is just right for you if you want to continue enjoying your pottery fun in Ilmenau or discover a completely new hobby.

What you can do with us:

  • Plenty of space for pottery, regardless of whether it is assembly technology¹ or at the turntable².
  • All important tools are available for free
  • Glazing with selected glazes³.
  • Firing is of course also possible – in three different temperature ranges

1 – Construction technique: Free shaping of the clay mass or creating a shape by putting together clay parts
2 – Turning the clay mass into a rotationally symmetrical shape with the help of a turntable
3 – Glazes and clay we order from Carl Jäger

If this is your first time pottery:
Get in touch with us and let me know when you want to come. Our work evening is Tuesday from 6 p.m. . Then one of our members will take you by the hand and show you before it matters in our workshop. For the time being, you will be given clay to practice on. Then you can get it privately or through us.