SUMMER CONCERTS 2023 of the Jazzclub Ilmenau e.V.

Friday, 25.08.2023

School leisure center in Ilmenau

Start 8:00 pm.

Tickets are available here.

REDBANK ft. Laura Robles

Spectral Jazz with:
Jordan White – electric guitar, composition
Laura Robles – Cajón, Composition
Georg Demel – trombone
Lorenz Heigenhuber – double bass
Max Stadtfeld – drums

Redbank is the name of a stream that runs through North Richmond, NSW, where Jordan’s grandmother lives on Guringai land that has never been ceded. It is also the name of a large housing estate in the same city. The name “Redbank” recalls the complexity of heritage and tradition, as well as their importance for contemporary developments, artistic or otherwise.

Jordan formed the group Redbank in early 2019 with the goal of exploring concepts from the spectral music of Gerard Grisey and Kaija Saariaho combined with ideas from traditional and modern music from Mali, Mozambique, and Cuba in a semi-improvised context. Lorenz Heigenhuber, Georg Demel and Max Stadtfeld, together with Jordan, form a quartet with a wide tonal and temporal range, attempting to create something new, but anchored in their subjective understanding of a set of traditions.

For this tour, Redbank will collaborate with the amazing Peruvian cajon master and multi-instrumentalist Laura Robles. Laura works with traditional materials in a contemporary context and uses the cajon like no other in modern improvised music.