Premiere on Saturday, the 06.05.2023 and Sunday, the 07.05.2023 at 20:00 clock in the Kulturfabrik Langewiesen

The entrance fee is 10 euros, concessions 7 euros.

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Play by Harold Pinter

A deep psychological love triangle: Jerry has been sleeping for years with the wife of his best friend and partner in the literary publishing house they founded together. Doubly cheated would have to feel the husband Robert. But above all, Emma, the wife, feels betrayed by her husband: when he tells her that he, too, has an occasional affair, she thinks their marriage is over. Jerry feels betrayed as well, by Robert, because he saw through the affair and did not tell him. We watch the failure of attempts to do one without leaving the other. Which feelings are honest, who is using whom?
The plot is told to us chronologically mostly backwards, so that the play ends where the adultery began. This allows Pinter to take his characters’ crossed erotic relationships back from the staleness of a faded seven-year liaison to a passionately stolen first kiss, surprising the audience time and again.
Emma: Ronja Schlichting
Jerry: Stefan Seidel
Robert: Daniel Hoff
Waiter: Kay Gürtzig
Narrator: Kay Gürtzig
Director: Team
Poster: Lukas Berkholz
Performance Rights:
Deutscher Theaterverlag GmbH Weinheim
The entrance fee is:

10 Euro (normal price)
reduced 7 Euro

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